John Galt Solutions Webinar Bulletin - October 25, 2007
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Demand Management Engine 5.0 Preview

Thursday, November 8, 2007 1:00 PM Central

John Galt's new Demand Management 5.0 is the latest and greatest incarnation of the world's most powerful demand management engine! Learn how this upgrade can boost your company's supply chain performance.

With DME 5.0, users can benefit from a range of performance enhancements and new features including:

• Improved Viewer load times - up to 10x faster!
• Improved user interface
• On-fly hierarchy - build hierarchies more rapidly
• Add New Item - improved version of Clone feature
• Rebalance specific series at any time
• Improved DTL Scenario – now doesn’t need to pre-load, increasing Engine speed
• and more…

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ForecastX Wizard Premium Edition Preview

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 1:00 PM Central

John Galt's new ForecastX Wizard Premium Edition is the most full-featured forecasting package for its price anywhere. In this free webinar, learn how Premium's advanced functionality can take your company's forecasting and demand planning processes to the next level.

The advanced features demonstrated will include:

* Multi-level hierarchies and dynamic recalculations
* Inventory plans using on-fly DRP calculations
* Event modeling and on-fly event reapplication that allows users to experiment with promotional strategies
* New built-in tracking tables to collaborate with key stakeholders and capture feedback

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Our Demand Management Engine has been upgraded! With DME 5.0, Atlas Planning Suite users can benefit from improved performance, on-fly hierarchy, and more.

Contact John Galt at 312-701-9026 to learn about the exciting new capabilities of DME 5.0.

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