John Galt Solutions Newsletter - October 2007
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Oct 21-23: APICS Conference, Denver, CO

Oct 28-31: IBF Supply Chain Planning & Forecasting Best Practices Conference, Orlando, FL

Nov 7: Galt Webinar - ForecastX Wizard Premium Preview

Nov 12: Galt Webinar - ForecastX Wizard Premium Upgrade Training

Nov 20: Galt Webinar - ForecastX Wizard Premium Upgrade Training


John Galt's revolutionary new ForecastX Wizard Premium Edition is now available for purchase. Premium offers all the features of the market-leading ForecastX Wizard and adds a range of features designed to add a new level of interactivity.

With ForecastX Premium, users can benefit from these new features:

* Create multi-level hierarchies and rebalance changes on the fly
* Build inventory plans using on-fly DRP calculations
* Experiment with promotional strategies using event modeling and on-fly event reapplication
* Collaborate with key stakeholders and capture feedback with new built-in tracking tables

John Galt will also be offering a free preview webinar to demonstrate the new functionality of Premium on November 7. Don't miss your chance to see the world's hottest forecasting tool!

We will also be offering two four-hour training sessions for upgrade customers on November 12 and 20, allowing users to learn how to harness Premium's awesome new capabilities.

Current ForecastX Wizard users can upgrade to ForecastX Premium and explore its new capabilities for only $1295!

Call John Galt at 312-701-9026 to learn more.

Join us at the APICS and IBF Fall Conferences for a chance to WIN AN IPOD NANO

The two biggest forecasting events of the year are coming up in October, and John Galt Solutions wants to see you there.

At the APICS Conference from October 21-23, John Galt's staff will offer a session on How to Drive Inventory Optimization with Consumer-Driven Information. Learn how incorporating Point of Sale (POS) data into your forecasting process can lower inventory costs. Join us at booth #301.

At the IBF's Orlando Conference from October 28-31, the spotlight will be on John Galt's new ForecastX Wizard Premium Edition. Learn how Premium gives users spectacular new functionalities including:

• Improved collaboration to bring more participants into your process
• Multi-level hierarchy for deeper planning
• On-the-fly rebalance of your forecast & inventory
• More powerful reporting allowing higher level of interaction

John Galt will be giving away one free iPod Nano at each conference. Learn about the new iPod Nano here.


Friday, October 12 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, from which John Galt Solutions takes its name. Learn more about how Atlas Shrugged has influenced and inspired generations of businesspeople here.


We are looking for speakers who would like to share their experience and skills with an educated crowd. If you are interested in speaking at our conference, please click here and someone will contact you shortly.



John Galt's new ForecastX Wizard Premium Edition is the most full-featured forecasting package for its price anywhere! Premium's powerful new features include more interactive features, enhanced inventory planning, closed-loop collaboration and streamlined reporting.

Learn how ForecastX Premium can take your forecasting process to the next level.


Our Demand Management Engine has been upgraded! With DME 5.0, Atlas Planning Suite users can benefit from improved performance, an upgraded batch scheduler, and more.

Contact John Galt at 312-701-9026 to learn about the exciting new capabilities of DME 5.0.

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